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Snow Conditions

Snow Conditions

Are you out in resort or have you just come back? What was the snow like where you were? Where were your favourite runs? Use this forum to discuss anything snowfall related.

  • Paul Crisp
    Paul Crisp
    Posted: 17 Jan 2019 13:24

    | am finding it a bit depressing - and a worrying sign - that there's next to no traffic about snow and resort conditions here or in the Resorts/Travel section. Given what we are reading in the newspapers, you'd expect a lot of updates and general commentary here. 

    Or is it all now on the Facebook pages? Is it time to shut down the Forum?

  • Gerry Aitken
    Gerry Aitken
    Posted: 17 Jan 2019 19:46

    It's all on Facebook. 

  • John Bourne
    John Bourne
    Posted: 29 Jan 2019 21:55
    According to the Klosters snow report tonight it last snowed tomorrow Wed !!!

  • Charles Pritchard
    Charles Pritchard
    Posted: 31 Jan 2019 11:46

    Historically it has always puzzled me that so few people report here on snow conditions either during their holiday or on return. 

    I did have a look on Facebook for Verbier Group but didn't see much.....though I wish I had been there from the postings I did see.

  • John Cooke
    John Cooke
    Posted: 31 Jan 2019 17:41

    What is the FacePage thing? 

    Why on earth would anyone sign up to their outrageous terms and conditions.  If you have not already done so,  just download a print-out of all the personal information which they already hold for you...  It is very scary.  Big Brother is here now! 

    If you are happy - fine, if not leave FacePage (assuming you can work out how) as they do not exactly make it easy.

    Meantime I am not a number, I am a free man, and I am far too busy enjoying brilliant conditions here in the Portes du Soleil to want to do anything to encourage anyone else to come here.  Please try some place else. :)

  • Charles Pritchard
    Charles Pritchard
    Posted: 31 Jan 2019 20:39

    John Cooke: As I am going to Claviere , Milky Way, on Sat I would have been delighted if someone had posted that it was dumping down.

    The reality is that it's the part of the Alps the Gods forgot and snow is thin on the ground, according to the reports.

    Just have to hope it doubles in depth as forecast this weekend.

    last year was ab fab though so  I still have faith.

    Nice that you tune in now and again.


  • Charles Pritchard
    Charles Pritchard
    Posted: 07 Feb 2019 18:15

    I am still in Claviere until tomorrow and it has been a good week. We had 80 cm at start of week but it has got skied out now. Had a great trip to little village over hill and back by taxi via Briancon. Also milky way Sestriere and Sauze with a great bit of unuzed powder in between . New snow now needed.

    Great trip.

  • 1 like
    1 like
    Ann Jones
    Ann Jones
    Posted: 12 Feb 2019 18:06
    We are in Sun Peaks and its snowing so its warmed up!! -34C the other day without the wind chill saw us indoors watching the frost form on the inside of the double glazed windows as we breathed on them.
    Very quiet on the slopes even though its a holiday weekend for some.
    -15C in the valley snowing lightly at the moment. Its hard packed on some runs but its so busy you will only be sharing the run with the people you take with you.
    Lots of hot chocolate stops, hand warmers in mitts, toe warmers and boot gloves.

  • Kevin Stephens
    Kevin Stephens
    Posted: 12 Feb 2019 22:27
    people on Snowheads are much more proactive in posting regular and useful snow reports for their fellow skiers