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Resorts & Travel

Resorts & Travel

If you've got a question about resorts and travel, or you want to share your opinions and experiences with other skiers and boarders, you can post them here.
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    Peter Holt
    Peter Holt
    Posted: 21 Feb 2019 20:54

    I've just been there for 3 days.

    The town is small but nice, with good restaurants, good ski shops, and everyone working there is really nice and friendly. There is a Spar which sells just about everything.

    It's ok for mucking about on snow, and is unusual in that you can work your way around the whole place from one lift to the next, via the interconnected runs. 

    The pistes are mostly narrow, with some very steep bits, and this is a problem if you get a load of kids, or snowboarders having "conferences" sitting in the middle :) It's not a place that's useful for piste skiing and improving one's skiing technique.

    In mid-Feb, admittedly half term, I have never seen such crowds. It was basically un-skiable.