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Resorts & Travel

Resorts & Travel

If you've got a question about resorts and travel, or you want to share your opinions and experiences with other skiers and boarders, you can post them here.

  • Bruce Levitt
    Bruce Levitt
    Posted: 07 Jan 2019 17:39

    Peter, you might wish to consider Davos/Klosters.  Davos is a sizeable town with lots to do but not as "charming" as Klosters.  Plenty of blue runs and also the opportunity for cross-country skiing if either of you want to give that a go.

    Lots of musuems, galleries, skating, curling, casino (if that's your thing) as well as some nice spas (interesting day trip to the spa at Scuol in the Engadine can give a change of scenery break up the trip).

  • Andrew Hilson
    Andrew Hilson
    Posted: 07 Jan 2019 18:11

    Peter, I would second Davos/Klosters.

    We've skied  both there and Zermatt. The runs in Zermatt are generally tougher than their equivalent in D/K, and you're paying for a lift pass with many runs well beyond your level ( we could ski all the reds and some of the blacks at D/K, but still find some of the Zermatt reds tricky!).

    Skiing with the reps in D/K used to be much more sociable than in Zermatt, which had hard-core members....

  • Peter Holt
    Peter Holt
    Posted: 07 Jan 2019 18:20

    When I told my GF that someone here recommends Davos and Klosters, she said "that sounds interesting; can I have this guy's number" :) :) 

    But yes I will check it out - many thanks.

    Can it be more expensive than Zermatt?? 

  • Peter Holt
    Peter Holt
    Posted: 28 Jan 2019 07:34

    We've just had a great week in Madonna... It is actually fine for a non ski person provided you get a spacious apartment, not too far from the town centre (which at Madonna is a small place anyway). Another plus is that a walker can get the lift all the way to the top at Groste where the views are amazing, and there is a really classy restaurant (just do that one once, unless you want to come back 2kg heavier :)). If there is only a chairlift then you have to be a skier.

    And the skiing was wonderful, especially if you get to the lift the moment it opens. The limiting factor was that the first bus didn't get there till 8:40 or so. In the first hour you get the huge slopes mostly to yourself e.g.

    My next trip will be to Obertauern in Austria. Some friends are going, and there seems to be a pile of blue runs. I can also do some easy reds now.