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Instructors / Guides

Instructors / Guides

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  • Mark Mincher-lockett
    Mark Mincher-lockett
    Posted: 26 Jan 2019 21:36
    Returned last week from St Anton. Did a day off piste guiding with New Generation through the ski club. Very good day great guide Stefan(resort boss). Only complaint was the meet time was 9.15 and we did not get going to 9.45. Stefan said he had tried to change to an earlier start time with the ski club but with no success. Have done off piste days with the club in Val D'Isere and have always been 8.30 meet up time. Just wondering why the late start time when the guiding company want to start earlier????

  • Mike Huffington
    Mike Huffington
    Posted: 27 Jan 2019 21:35

    Because they want more money I should imagine, paid by the hour.  The team need to balance a tight budget.  AFAIK ILG has always started at 9.30 in the EK, with a suggested mill around time 15 mins before.  In my experience there are always latecomers and most tour ops don't start breakfast until 8am and if you have to get to the central meeting point on a bus (eg Val D, Tignes) or via another chairlift (1st lift in Tignes is 0845, same in Val) then its a non starter for anybody who can't afford a hol in the more expensive resort hub.

    I see the meeting point in St A is in a shop on the high street at 0845 on the website tonight, so maybe he has got his wish - or the cartels in St A are beginning to turn up the screws.

    Just cos an instructor wants something doesn't make it right.

  • Andrew Gillett
    Andrew Gillett
    Posted: 31 Jan 2019 22:39
    In my experience, St Anton guides like a full lunch hour and are itching to go home by 3.30, so an earlier start time can only benefit paying members, surely?