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Give us your reviews and ask your questions on ski and snowboard equipment - there's nothing better than first hand knowledge!

  • Michael Knott
    Michael Knott
    Posted: 22 Jan 2019 14:26
    I need to wear glasses to ski (so please don't suggest contact lenses) . Generally I prefer bifocals so I don't have to faff changing glasses when I want to read a bar menu or look at the map. My solution to date has been prescription wrap around sunglasses and I have to say they have been very successful in pretty much all weather conditions for many years. However they have one definite disadvantage which is they steam up quickly when you stop moving because they are so close a fit to the face. They do clear very quickly once I start moving again but it is a bit of a nuisance. I have heard mixed reports of visors. I would be interested to hear readers' personal experiences especially those who wear glasses. Are they practical; can you get them to fit over your regular specs. , do they keep the snow out, are there any unexpected benefits or disadvantages? Helpful comment would be really welcome as they don't come cheap and I don't like helmets anyway so it doesn't take much to put me off!

  • Peter Holt
    Peter Holt
    Posted: 31 Jan 2019 19:47

    I have been around this loop too. I wear prescription bifocals - distance, and reading inserts.

    The best I found is to forget the visor (I have the Bolle visor helmet, but use the visor only if it is snowing a lot, and then skiing is probably not much fun anyway) and get a Jubo frame like this

    and get the prescription lenses put in them.

    They are not wrap-arounds so no problem for prescription lenses.

    I left a pair of these at Madonna, total cost about 300 quid, on the Groste lift, so you may be in luck ;)

    The Julbo frame will steam up if you work at it but it is a lot harder than normal sunglasses; also the side bits stop eyes watering.

  • Andrew Gillett
    Andrew Gillett
    Posted: 31 Jan 2019 22:29

    Michael Knott:

    These will be great for you, as long as the prescription works for you:

    Beware visors - they don't keep much snow out, especially if you fall.  And they look a little silly (but so did Ford Sierras in 1982!).

  • Michael Knott
    Michael Knott
    Posted: 03 Feb 2019 21:20

    Thanks for taking the trouble to respond Peter and Andrew. I think I'll ditch any thoughts of a helmet and visor and stick with my sun glasses. Not so sure about the Julbos they look like they might not be very stable at speed or down the bumps and I have read a few reviews of them about slipping down the nose etc. But I might give them a try.

    i have used the goggle inserts quite successfully but I do find the lens quality, though adequate, is not so good as the "proper" lenses in my sunglasses. 

    Thanks again for your suggestions.