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  • Chris Galley
    Chris Galley
    Posted: 09 Jan 2019 17:23

    My wife wishes to upgrade her Rossignol Attraction 6 (146cm) skis which she's had for about 8 years.  She's a confident upper intermediate.  Whilst we ski predominantly on piste, its quite usual that the groomed look of pistes doesn't last long -to be replaced by crud and mogul conditions especially in the afternoon.

    We were looking at Piste skis e.g. Dynastar Intense 10, but then thought All Mountain might be better (e.g. Blizzard Black Pearl 88 as shown in Ski and Board November issue).  She is happy to increase ski length a tad.

    Can anyone enlighten us as to the benefits of All Mountain skis on piste please for our style of recreational skiing? or should we still be better opting for Piste skis?

    I might add that we do ski all day with a couple of short breaks for coffee and lunch.  We are also in the Peak Experience category!

    Many thanks

    Chris Galley

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    Andrew Poodle
    Andrew Poodle
    Posted: 10 Jan 2019 09:12

    have you had a look at the Club's "type of ski" page?

    In a nutshell, an All Mountain ski is designed to work well in all conditions on and off piste.  As they are usually a little wider than a piste ski, they may require a little more work to carve well, but if you're sticking at between 80-90mm under foot, I wouldn't expect it to be that noticeable.

    Being that bit wider, they will float in softer snow more easily than a narrower piste ski, and any rocker in it's profile will aid that.

    From my own experience, I also find that a touch of tip-rocker also helps turn initiation on piste when things start getting sloppy, especially later in the season when you get a but more slush.

    Of the ones you've mentioned, both have a radius of 12/13m (depending on length) so shouldn't feel noticeably different in terms of turn size.  Note that her current ski has a 14m radius so both these will be able to carve a shorter turn than what she's on.

    If you're not looking to venture off piste much but are still looking for versatility then you could 'split the difference' and look at the Black Pearl 78.  Still an all mountain ski with a little tip and tail rocker, still the same turn radius, but closer to the width that she's used to.

    FWIW, I ski all mountain, on and off piste, on the Rossignol Sin7. These are 98 underfoot, 17m radius and tip and tail rocker, and am happy carving on piste as much as skiing powder on them.

  • Chris Galley
    Chris Galley
    Posted: 11 Jan 2019 23:12

    Many thanks for this Andrew.  Much appreciated.  We had looked at the link.  Your suggestion of the Black Pearl 78 looked perfect.  However actually getting a pair here without resorting to mail order has proven abortive.

    We've decided against the Black Pearl 88 and will continue on her present skis for a little longer.